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Swami Sri Sankara Vijendrapuri

The child started to behave like a matured person. He started to predict many things which were came into reality. The storry of this miracle child spread.over to nearby villages and towns. GraduallyPeople from various districts poured into his house to hear about their future.
" They are real true persons who in this body with both happiness and sorrow never leaves the true path of Dharma."
Swami Sri Sankara Vijendrapuri
Sri Sankara Vijendrapuri

We believe what we achieve

Save Temples
Preserve Hinduism

This is a historic campaign under the leadership and guidence of HH iSSVP and a group of Monks to preserve Hinduism and it's uniqueness by saving temples . As far as Hinduism is concerned ,Temples are not merely a place for worship but they are centres of culture ,education , togtherness and social interactions.

This campaign is not only for creating awareness about significance of devotion/Bhakthi/Shradha in a Hindu's daily life but also for creating reliable infrastructure that can develop a welfare community .For making this effort , fruitful each Hindu has to put his/het sincere contribution and have to exibit their compassion towards fellow beings In the name of our Great Monks and Leaders who gave their life for the existence of Santhadharma , we are requesting one and all to be part of this pro Hindu movement by taking membership and make this successful.

We believe what we achieve

Warmth & True Support
For Needed People

Swami Sri Sankara Vijendrapuri I redefines Humanism and culture on the basis of ancient hindu scriptures and philosphy by incorporating the concept of individuality, social equality, justice and women empowerment . Also Swamiji suggests that this ethios should be guided by the best elements the science and technology for smooth endorsement .

Swamiji want to create a cultural unity among Hindu samaj despite of India‘s innumberable linguistic, ethnic, historical and regional diversities. Hosur Sankaracharya Madam is the organisational structure to execute the social and charity services tru which every.person can put his participation irrespective of their finnancial or social status. We under Hosur Sankaracharya Madam does the following free services.

Our Activities

We believe what we achieve

Medical Treatment

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Feeding Hungry People

Food & Water
The trust serves food to the poor and devotees on all days at 12.30pm, 6.30pm and at nights on Everyday

Education For Poor People

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We believe what we achieve

Latest Events

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We believe what we achieve

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We help thousands of children, arrange food & building houses!

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A/C No: 0136053000042779
IFSC: SIBL0000136